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2305 C Ashland Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520


Tagami has helped producers from around the globe find their niche in the marketplace since 1982. Spotting trends, building brands, advocating and educating about all that is delicious. We’re Merchant Adventurers. Come join the journey.

Business Builder

Someone once asked me whose interest we had at heart.
I answered without hesitation — the consumer, of course! 

                                                                     — Liz Tagami

Tagami International, LLC

The transactional or more tactical side of what Tagami does is bring buyers and sellers together with a brokerage business called Tagami International. The foundation of this is based on deep relationships and the development of basic / core offerings that can live with a retailer for a long time. It is lot of fun and there is considerable time spent working with buyers and sellers on private label and seasonal offers, too!  Customers with Tagami-sourced oil are among the top national specialty retailers in the US and top importers in Asia. Producer-clients as sources of supply range from those with highly limited production to the biggest in the business. All grades of olive oil in all formats are available from 12 countries. Both new and well established brands, spot deals, bulk deals and other opportunities are part of the mix. 

One aspect of the brokerage is bringing opportunities to the table through organizing sourcing and development trips for buyers in Europe, Asia and the US. Educational talks, guided tastings, orchard and production visits deepen appreciation and reinforce the collaborative nature of these transactions.  


January 2015 Notice:  Tagami International, LLC is no longer operating as a brokerage.  We are available under this business name for writing, lecturing, referrals and other limited commercial transactions.