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2305 C Ashland Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520


Tagami has helped producers from around the globe find their niche in the marketplace since 1982. Spotting trends, building brands, advocating and educating about all that is delicious. We’re Merchant Adventurers. Come join the journey.


Merchant Adventurer

Merchant Adventurer
A trader of goods who has, enjoys or seeks adventures, sometimes through daring foreign enterprises.

"In Queen Victoria's empire it was said the 'trade followed the flag'. In Caesar's empire, trade went well before the Eagles, and on to places where the Eagles never ventured. Roman merchants turned up at the courts of the Chinese emperor and had trading bases along the coast of India. The Romans never managed to conquer the Germans, but their merchants certainly managed to give them a taste for Mediterranean wines.  Complete trading towns have been unearthed in Germany as well as beyond the limits of the empire..."

 - From unusual job descriptions of antiquity found in The Classical Compendium.